Selling Paintings

I sold a painting recently ...  a piece that I really love and while I am thrilled that it has found a new home with someone it connected with, I will also miss it. That leads me to thinking about why I create art and, secondarily, why I sell my art.  

I paint for myself, for the joy of it, for the opportunity to take a creative impulse and turn it into something tangible. When a painting comes together (and they don't always), it sends a shiver of satisfaction and wonderment through me. It is never something I take for granted.  

Selling a painting is not in my mind while I am painting, but reality is that I can not keep every painting, I simply do not have the room. There are some paintings that I form a special relationship with, that I want to look at time and again, that I want to keep. Even these I offer for sale and I hope they will bring to someone else pleasure and a sense of wonder too.