Upcoming Show in March 2017

I will be having a small show in March at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery at 136 State Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It will be part of the first in a series of Body of Work shows that will take place over the course of the year, sharing the spotlight with 7 other artists. 

I have 3 new works that I will be exhibiting called Moments of Quiet.  Once again, I have been drawn to paint the ocean. What is it about the ocean that draws us to it? To say it is fluid is redundant, after all it is water.  It can be as silent as a meditation or thunderous with crashing waves. It can be brilliant in blue, somber in gray or inky in black. It is ever moving even when there doesn't seem to be a breath of air or current touching it. It is deep even in its shallowest places. It can be transparent to the point of exposing grains of sand at its base or opaque enough to turn back our attempts to see its secrets. With all of that, I always find moments of quiet, of peace, of wisdom with the ocean ... a place to share my thoughts, to rest my soul.